Our Vision

The vision of Daniel A. Payne Elementary School is to create a learning environment that cultivates young minds through high quality instruction. Students will meet high academic standards designed to develop skills, knowledge and core values necessary to be productive members in a dynamic global society.


Our Mission

Create opportunities to investigate the world beyond the school walls

Understand issues of diversity, conflict and cooperation at local and global levels

Learn about people in local and global communities

Take responsibility for our actions both individually and as a community

Use technology to connect with and explore the world

Recognize our own and other people’s perspective on issues and events

Embrace all people as different and equal


Our Pledge

The Payne School Pledge is recited daily by all students, teachers and staff to reiterate behavioral expectations and promote a sense of community.

I am responsible for all my actions and behavior today.

I will listen, do my work and learn.

I will respect the feelings, property and rights of others.

I will be a good citizen by doing what is right, because it is the right thing to do for others and myself.