The speech-language pathology team identifies and supports students PK3 through grade 5 with specific disorders and delays related to language and communication. The team provides therapy to help students overcome the impact of these challenges on their academic success. This therapy may include the use of technology to help students become more independent, such as devices that assist nonverbal students with communication. Speech-language pathologists also work
closely with teachers and parents to build speech-language skills and help students apply those skills to all learning opportunities by reinforcing strategies in the classroom and at home.

The audiology team identifies and supports children with auditory impairments. Audiologistsdetermine the range, nature, and degree of hearing loss and communication functions and also determine a student’s need for individual amplification, including selecting, fitting and dispensing appropriate listening and vibro-tactile devices, and evaluating the effectiveness of those devices.  They also provide direct services including auditory training, aural rehabilitation, speech reading and listening device orientation and training, as well as services for prevention of hearing loss. When warranted, they make referrals for medical and other services necessary for the habilitation or rehabilitation of children with auditory impairments.

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