LSAT Meeting Minutes – October 2022

Payne LSAT Meeting

October 5, 2022


Stephanie Byrd, Liz Aloi, Tim Gordon, Tiffany Brown, Michelle Chapman, Josh Smith, Stacy Larracey, Solomon Tackie, Emmett Creef

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome 
  2. What is the LSAT?
    1. Goals and Expectations 
  3. Communications
    1. What systems should parents be checking?
      1. Remind? DoJo? Blackboard? Payne Post? 
      2. Website Widgets/Website Updates  

Meeting Discussion Notes

Meeting Logistics

  • Welcome message from Principal Byrd and meeting kickoff.
  • Group discussion and consensus that LSAT meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  This meeting was both in-person and on Zoom, and future meetings will be on Zoom with ad hoc in-person meetings as desired.
  • The meeting dates for SY 2022-2023 are 11/2/2022, 12/7/2022, 01/04/2023, 02/01/2022, 03/01/2023, 04/05/2023, 05/03/2023, and 06/07/2023, noting that additional meetings maybe required as budget season comes around.
  • Group discussion and consensus that Josh Smith will serve as Chair and Tiffany Brown will serve as Secretary

Purpose and Responsibilities of LSAT

School Year 2022-2023 LSAT Roster:

  • Teachers: Christopher Bergfalk (WTU Building Rep), Tiffany Brown (LSAT Secretary), Tim Gordon, Solomon Tackie, Emmett Creef 
  • Parents: Michelle Chapman (PTSA President), Liz Aloi, Josh Smith (LSAT Chair), Stacy Larracey, Rebecca Hunt
  • Support Staff:  TBD
  • School Staff: Stephanie Byrd (Principal)

Communications Update

  • Principal Byrd confirmed that Remind will be the primary communication channel between Payne staff/teachers and parents.  The Payne Post will be sent through Remind and email (via Blackboard).
  • Josh Smith and Tim Gordon confirmed that school website updates were underway to reflect the new school year and associated staff directory changes.

Presentation of the Comprehensive School Plan (CSP)

  • Principal Byrd presented the CSP and mentioned the same slides would be shared with Payne parents in a meeting on Oct 12th
  • Results from the PARCC indicate that Payne had the 3rd highest gain in ELA in the City.  Our math scores dipped by 6%.
  • Group discussion noted
    • The large gap in test results across racial categories
    • The large number of goals and specificity of the goals for the year 
    • General consensus with the strategies and goals set forth in the CSP