LSAT Meeting Minutes – February 2023

Attendees: Mr. Gordon, Mr. Tackie, Ms. Brown, Principal Byrd, Ms. Hunt, Ms. Larracey, Ms. Chapman, Ms. Aloi, Mr. Creef

Draft Agenda

  1. Review of Comprehensive School Plan
  2. Principal Byrd to share school data
  3. Discussion of Payne LSAT Budget meeting logistics
  4. Discussion of how to gather school-wide input
  5. Review of “Schools First in Budgeting” bill (reference:
  6. Mention of upcoming 2023 review of school boundaries

Meeting Discussion Notes

Gathering School-Wide Input

The group discussed various methods for gathering school-wide input for the LSAT to reflect in its budget discussions.  A balance must be found between being open to input and also being realistic about the limited scope of the LSAT and the limited flexibility of the Principal in how budgets may be formulated given standard staffing profiles and restrictions on funding sources.  The group decided that at the next PTSA meeting Josh will provide a status update on LSAT activities and ask that any ideas be shared to the LSAT parent individuals over email.  

Status Update:

Parent emails: