LSAT Meeting Minutes – April 2023

Attendees: Michelle, Mr. Creef, Liz, Josh, Rebecca, Principal Byrd

Draft Agenda

  1. Principal Byrd to discuss status of requests for assistance and final budget from DCPS
  2. Recent grant awards to Payne
  3. PTSA fundraising
  4. LSAT Elections for SY 23-24

Meeting Discussion Notes

Status of requests for assistance and final budget from DCPS

  • All requests for assistance above the DCPS initial allocation were denied
  • Several programs that are currently active which do yet have planned funding
    • Some programs have a path to alternative funding and others don’t yet

Recent grant awards to Payne

  • Through the hard work of parent and teacher authored grant proposals, Payne has received more than $40k in grants this year.  However, these funds are already designated for specific purposes and cannot replace DCPS Payne budget funding for existing programs.
  • Additional grant proposal opportunities are in progress

PTSA Fundraising

  • Saturday Academy and Afterschool Enrichment funds collected and paid are separate and not discretionary
  • PTSA fundraisers have discretionary funds that are typically allocated to:
    • Field trip bus expenses
    • Teacher reimbursement accounts for classroom needs
    • Working capital available to invest in upcoming fundraisers
    • Teacher appreciation allocations
  • Upcoming Fundraisers
    • Spring Carnival
      • Spring Carnival auction will be larger than last year
      • Introducing an “pay-as-you-can” fee for entrance
    • Walk-a-thon with Tyler
    • Possibly a separate auction planned for next year

LSAT Election Planning (DCPS toolkit)

  • Online form to accept nominations.
  • Voting planned to occur
    • online, 
    • at drop-off/pick-up tables, 
    • at table in PTSA annual meeting
  • New term begins July 1