For school year 2017-2018, Payne Elementary has two after school programs: the Office of Out-of-School Time Programs (OSTP) and Learning Tree. Students in OSTP after school programs spend their time doing a variety of activities including: academic power hour, eat a healthy snack, outdoor time, arts and crafts and clubs. Students in Learning Tree also do academic power hour, have a healthy snack and have some outdoor time but they also have additional STEM activities.

For school year 2018-2019 Payne Elementary will have two after school programs: the Office of Out-of-School Time Programs (OSTP) and Springboard Education.  This page will be updated as more details become available.


Payne provides a variety of after school clubs for all grades including: athletics, dance, STEM activities, yoga and more. A full list of clubs for all grades is located here. Some clubs or enrichment for OSTP students age PreK 3 – 2nd grade are organized by parents through the following program.


​​Afterschool is available daily from 3:30-6:00 pm and is managed by the Office of Out-of-School Time Programs (OSTP) and Learning Tree. There is no afterschool on days when school is dismissed at 12:15. ​Learning Tree follows the same schedule as OSTP.


​Enrollment in afterschool for school year 2018-2019 is managed by DCPS.  Find more details on the DCPS afterschool page or at the page for online enrollment. Students must enroll in school prior to enrolling in an afterschool program.


The Afterschool Program Parent/Guardian Handbook provides Information about program policies and procedures about the OSTP program.


Afterschool provided by OSTP for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year, through June 12, will now be funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) grant and is free to all DCPS students. Some afterschool clubs (enrichment) are provided through an optional once a year payment of $200-$250.