Payne PTSA 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Members attending: Rebecca Bell, Becky Shyovitz, Cara Camacho, Jessica Tillipman, Adam Wyrick, Carolyn Bowen, Steve Bowen, Michelle Chapman, Rachel Dancy, Adam Dancy, Alison Mitchell, Mark Jordan, Tony Lombardo, Melissa Baggett, Lexi Smith, Caitlin Coogan Sherman, Narissa Cooper, Rebecca Hunt, Krista Zuzenak

  • Welcome – (Michelle Chapman, President) convened meeting at 6:06pm June 16, 2022
  • Membership check – link is in the zoom chat if you aren’t sure you signed up yet. 
  • Spring Festival round up (Alison Mitchell, Fundraising Chair)
    • Made $5,000 from the festival through combination of ticket sales, auction items, food sales. 
    • Dunk tank was a huge success with teachers and students volunteering to be dunked. 
    • Extra water helped ensure no one overheated. 
    • Auction/Raffle was great, we should check with more businesses or corporations for more donations next year.
  • Other Fundraising
    • Payne Nights at local businesses are easy to organize and typically raise a few hundred dollars. Recent nights include:
      • East City Book Fair – still waiting on final take home number, several dozen books were also purchased and donated to teachers and the library by parents. 
      • Capital Candy Jar night was a big success raising a few hundred dollars for Payne. 
      • Mr. Henry’s night also raised a few hundred dollars. 
    • Safeway donating round up $ from shoppers during all of the month of August 2022.
  • Next year ideas
    • Movie nights in fall
    • Next Grade level parent chats in the spring
  • LSAT info and vote (Liz Aloi, LSAT Chair)
    • LSAT vote will be send out via email
  • Vote for PTSA Board members (Cara Camacho, Parliamentarian)
    • Running for election is Krista Zuzenak for Vice President and Caitlin Coogan Sherman for Treasurer. Per bylaws only a voice vote is required when a person is running unopposed. 
    • Cara Camacho nominated Krista Zuzenak for Vice President, unanimous voice vote of PTA members confirmed. 
    • Cara Camacho nominated Caitlin Sherman for Treasures, unanimous voice vote of PTA members confirmed. 
    • New officers were congratulated, departing officers, Cassie Carrington ( Vice President) and Carolyn Bowen (Treasurer)  thanked. 
  • Meeting adjourned.

LSAT Meeting Minutes – January 2022

Payne LSAT Meeting

January 11, 2022

Agenda and Notes (Italicized)

Present:  Michelle Chapman, Mr. Gordon, Steve Bowen, Liz Aloi, Michelle Tissue, Donna Smith, Mr. Creef

Back to School/Covid Surge

  • Anything we can do?

-Kids don’t have quality masks. PTA looking into options.  Unclear if DCPS will provide.  Maybe at  minimum we could circulate some suggestions for parents?  Supply chain driving up prices. 

  • Feedback on how it’s going?

So far so good except for the mask issue.

  • Device distribution/tech support


Teachers report that problems go back to November and prior years. Brainstormed whether it is helpful for parents to apply pressure. Need a long term solution- one-off private contractors are not working. Problems going back as far as November 3rd

DEI Brainstorm

  • Update: DEI Group taking lead on training, LSAT will focus on event, maybe late March, outdoor volunteering, coupled with an opportunity for recruitment and retention outreach.  Maybe roller skating?  What are the Covid limitations on this?  If big gathering should do it before break so there will be testing prior to return to school. Anacostia skate park still closed.
  • Teacher Gifts: Best practice is to have all donations be voluntary, and gift come from the whole class. Propose we generate a few bullets and circulate to class parents. 
  • Birthday Parties 


Lottery thoughts?

Budget process/strategy discussion.

Did a quick and dirty overview, and highlighted some of the decision points from prior years (drama? Art versus music?).  Can expect next meeting to get the proposal.

Wildcat PTSA News: First Meeting is Tuesday | Fall Enrichment | Covid Stats

Hello, Wildcats.

A reminder that the first PTSA meeting of the year is 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 28. It will be in person but outside, near the big kid playground. All members of the Payne community are welcome to attend. Kids can play on the playground while the adults tackle agenda items that include: this year’s events, volunteer opportunities and the upcoming officers’ election.



Payne Mom and volunteer after school enrichment coordinator Kate Abend shares the following message:

Enrichment programming for all of our PK3 through 2nd grade after school students will begin Thursday, Sept. 30. The fall session will include soccer for PK3 through 2nd Grade, dance for PK3 through Kindergarten, and tumbling for first and second grades. PK3 and PK4 have enrichment on Mondays and Wednesdays and Kindergarten through second grade have enrichment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will be grouped with their regular after school class, and the activities will occur onsite at Payne from 4-5:35 p.m. All students will participate regardless of ability to pay. Please see attached for information on recommended tuition, a waiver form, and a schedule showing class days and times for each grade. We are still working to develop plans for the winter and spring enrichment sessions.

To learn about additional clubs and enrichment programming for third through fifth grade students, visit



Principal Byrd provided an update on Covid testing and cases at the school in a Sept. 23 virtual meeting with parents and caregivers. Here are a few notes from the meeting:

  • Since the school year started, testing of asymptomatic students has found one positive result for Covid.
  • Overall, there have been 8 positive cases so far this school year. One of those cases occurred this week.
  • In most of these positive cases, the school became aware after a child, already at home for feeling sick, tested positive. 
  • Principal Byrd was unaware of a student who quarantined due to close contact and later tested positive for Covid. 
  • Virtual school will be offered if at least 25 percent of the class is quarantined. All children in quarantine will be provided homework packets and excused from school. 



The PTSA is launching periodic “office hours” outside of the Pretzel Bakery. The first is today, Friday, Sept. 24, from 8:20-9:20 a.m. If you miss us today, the next one will be scheduled soon. This is an opportunity to meet, discuss ideas, ask questions and, of course, eat pretzels and drink coffee. Editor’s note: Sweet pretzel is the best. Change my mind. 



If you thought we were done promoting Farmer Creef Science Teacher Mr. Creef’s incubation project, wow, you must have egg on your face. 

The focus this fall is on baby chickens, but in the spring, Mr. Creef hopes to broaden the brood and include ducklings and poults. What’s a poult, you ask? Why it’s a cute baby turkey, before they get big and really ugly interesting looking. It’s also worth mentioning that the science project is made possible by a $600 Donors Choose donation that funded five five-egg incubators. 

Look how cute poults are: 


FUN ON FACEBOOK. Principal Byrd posted this great photo of her meeting this week with the student government leaders. Do you follow Payne on the official Facebook page