First Day of School


Good Afternoon Payne Wildcats,

We are very close to the start of the new school year.

It is with mounting excitement and anticipation that we prepare for the opening of school. Teachers have been deep in study and reflection. New staff have been getting to know the community and I consistently hear the refrain “can’t wait till the kids get here”.

Classroom assignments have been completed and parents can learn who the name of the teacher by calling the office, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Reminder: Students grades Kindergarten through 5th begin school on Monday, August 21st. Students grades PK3 and PK4 begin on Thursday, August 24th.

Below are some first day logistics:


  • Our community will come together on the large playground, starting at 8:10am
    • All students, parents, teachers will enter the through the playground door.
    • There will be no access to the parking lot
  • Breakfast starts at 8:15am.
  • Teachers will be on the playground to meet parents and students.
  • We will begin with morning meeting on the playground and progress into the building at 8:45am.
  • Parents may form a good bye line at the door. For those parents who would like to see the classroom, you are more than welcome to help escort the classroom inside. All parents will be asked to leave by 9:15am.


  • Our community will come together once again on the large playground.  School ends at 3:15. We ask that all parents wait on the playground to receive their little one.
  • After School starts on Monday, to pick up students, please come to the front lobby a member of the After School team will call the student down for dismissal.
  • After School ends at 5:45pm all students must be picked up by 6:00pm.

School Uniform

  • As a community of learners one of the things that binds us is our school uniform, adherence ensures that students feel that they are viable members.
  • Navy blue bottom, white top for students grades K – 5.
  • Navy blue top and bottom for Pk3 and Pk4.
  • The school t-shirt can be worn as a part of the school uniform.

Cell phones and Toys

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for any distraction to the instructional day.
  • All student phones must be off and placed in back packs, any phones that cause a disruption to the instructional day will be confiscated and will be made available only to parents at the end of the day.
  • No toys, including fidget spinners, are allowed; such will be confiscated and made available to parents at the end of the day.
  • Students in need of fidgets may speak with our mental health team

Middle School and High School Students

  • All middle and high school students picking up siblings should pick up their siblings and vacate the premises.
  • This year we cannot accommodate older students; we have more students and different staffing.

Health Forms and Immunization Records

  • Health physicals and oral health assessments are required annually. Students also must be current with their immunizations to attend school.  Please submit this updated information as soon as possible to avoid any interruption in attendance to school.