Payne Post – 9/18/2017

Parenting has been my life’s most joyful work.  It is tiresome and confusing, filled with anxiety and ecstasy, yet it is the most fulfilling work there is.  When you walk into Payne, hopefully some of the anxiety is eased and the joy is felt through a warm and welcoming community, delighted to see you and your child each day. If you have not had a chance to connect with our wonderful teachers, staff and parents, be sure to come out Wednesday night to the PTA meeting.

Goal season is upon us.  We celebrate the growth made on PARCC last year, but we are nowhere close to where we need to be.  So we are setting our sights and expectations high.

Parents can help by:

  • Reading every night.  Even if you are the parent of an overachieving 5th grade student, read TO your child.
  • Remember reading should be fun and intriguing. If your child struggles to read to you, the text may not be appropriate.  Don’t take the joy out of reading.
  • Listen everywhere.  When my son was young, I used to ask: How was school?  What did you do today?  His answer was always, “fine” and “nothing”.  Finally, I stumbled upon a different question: What did the teacher do today?  Turns out that the teacher is very, very, busy. My son began to tell me, with excruciating detail, all the things that happened at school.  And I listened with great intent.  Listening assures your child that you are interested in their lives and that school is important enough for you to stop and listen.
  • Write everything. Have your child write or draw everything: shopping lists, the days agenda, letters and cards, stories and family news. Post pictures and have your child talk to you about the work they have put in.
  • Healthy eating. We are being more mindful about the things we allow here in school, please be mindful about the things that your child eats at home.

School logistics:

  • This week I was visited by the most lovely parent of a bright 4th grade girl, who spoke to me about the history of the Payne playground and what it means to the community. Based on this exchange, we will leave the playground open until 7pm weekdays.
  • Entering through the back door.  In an effort to ensure that all students stay safe and strangers are not allowed in the building.  The back door will lock at 8:40 am and 3:30 pm, please enter through the front door.

Thank you and see you on Wednesday,

Stephanie Byrd