LSAT Meeting Minutes-December 2017

Payne Elementary School LSAT
Thursday, December 14, 2017
Members in attendance: Adrienne Daniels, Aisha Hemphill-Merritt, Dalila Kaddour, Juanita Stokes, Tiffani Turner, Mandla Deskins, Janice Brown Parker, Stephanie Byrd

Absent: [Shanita Henson – excused], Christina Mitchell, Zakia Dance

1. Election – Clarification on DCPS protocol to fill vacant positions

  • We need to fill the vacant parent position due to Ms. Zakia Dance’s departure as a parent at Payne ES due to her move outside of the District of Columbia. After significant discussion the parent members of the team recommended the following:
    • Review the list of seven remaining candidates from the election held in June 2017, and
    • Contact each person and inquire whether they’re still interested in serving as a member of the team (D. Duffy, V. Brietbarth, M. Thompson, A. Thomas, S. Bowen, N. Todd, and B Thompson). Parents will be contacted as listed in the order of most votes.
    • This recommendation will be shared with the Payne ES PTA at their January board meeting.
  • We need to fill the position of secretary for the 2017-2018 LSAT. No one volunteered to serve as secretary of our 2017-2018 LSAT.

2. Our Hopes and Dreams – Four (4) Years and Counting Down

  • Identifying our Piece of the Pie: Team members were encouraged by Chair Brown Parker to take into consideration our hope and dreams as we determine our priorities of focus this SY. Investigate and identify resources, agencies, and partners to assist and collaborate with us to help to achieve our goals in making Payne ES a world-class school. The following themes and programs were discussed:
    • World Cultures
    • Mathematics and Science
    • Responsive classroom o Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
    • 2nd Science Teacher
  • Engaging Stakeholders and Promoting Our Plan
    • LSAT Minutes – Our minutes should be published to inform stakeholders. How? Where?
    • The team indicated that publishing the minutes of our meeting to inform stakeholders would be in the best interest of the school community. We’ll reach out to the school’s website team to see if the minutes can be posted on the website monthly. Perhaps there can be a LSAT section on the website. o
    • Opening our LSAT meetings to the public – When? Where?

Action Items:
1. Team Members will investigate and research exceptional and successful math and science programs, determine if those programs would be a good fit for our school, then report their findings to the team next month.
2. Janice Brown Parker will contact our website team to inquire about our ability to publish our minutes on the school’s website.
Next Month’s meeting: Next meeting date is 01/18/18 at 5:30 PM
Meeting adjourned at 6:38 PM