Springboard at Payne Elementary for Fall 2018 Registration is Open!

Springboard’s extended day program offers: Research-Based Programming: Activities are based on academic research regarding student learning – academic skills, social-emotional development, physical well-being and healthy choices. Captivating Student Activities: Our programs deliver exciting, motivating and fun activities for students that extend their learning into the out-of-school-time environment. High Quality Staff: Our programs are staffed with experienced teachers who are deeply committed to improving educational outcomes for children.
Close School Partnerships: Our programs are deeply embedded within our partner schools’ community and are aligned to the needs and culture of each school.
Parent Engagement: We regularly connect with parents through multiple modes of communication. Safe Environment: We ensure a safe and nurturing environment within our programs.

Program Rates
Full Time: $14.00/day (PM)
Regular Part Time: $15.00/day (PM)
Daily Flex: $16.00/day (PM)
Drop-In services will be available at separate rates.
Registration Fee: $54.99 per family per school year

Program Information

Area Director: Sharon Davis, shdavis@springboardkids.com

Program Hours: 3:30-6:00PM

Program Grades: PreK-3 to 5th

Visit Our Website: springboardkids.com