Wildcat PTSA News: Extrinsic Rewards | Big Ideas | MLK Message


Principal Byrd has announced teachers are no longer using “extrinsic rewards” in their classrooms. That means teachers are no longer using the carrot-and-stick approach with rewards such as owl stamps, stickers and toys. Principal Byrd answered some additional questions about her decision.

Q: Why did you decide to put an end to extrinsic rewards?

A: As a Responsive Classroom school, we have been working on reinforcing, reminding, and redirecting students. We want students to demonstrate desired behaviors as a result of their own intrinsic motivation. We are teaching students to be reflective and self-regulated. Rewards (stickers, owls, etc) have been replaced by affirming language, recognition of desirable behaviors, and encouragement.

Q: Was this something you had hoped to do for awhile?

A: We have been working towards this all year.

Q: How widespread was the use of owl stamps/stickers/trinkets?

A: Most classes had some form of extrinsic reward system.

Q: Have you received any questions/concerns from parents or students so far?

A: None so far. I don’t anticipate any from students. As we remove extrinsic rewards, they are being replaced with consistent reaffirmation of students throughout the day.


HAVE A BIG IDEA? As the PTSA thinks about funding decisions for the second half of the year, the board would love to hear your BIG ideas for making Payne Elementary School better. How should PTSA funds be used to enhance Payne? Would you invest in community activities? Classroom upgrades? Teacher training? Special programs? Nothing is off the table. Send your ideas to Communications Chair Tony Lombardo.



Fifth grader Makayla Jones wrote a message in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

What would I say to Dr. King?

If Dr. King was still alive, I would say you are right, because I think we should come together because we are all one of a kind. …  I would say you are a hero because you went through all that civil rights movement.


BOARD EXPENDITURES. The PTSA Board on Jan. 17 approved several expenditures:

  • $100 for nine checkerboards to support the Checkers Club.
  • $400 to purchase a PTSA directors and officers liability insurance policy and a fidelity bond to protect the PTSA funds.
  • $119 for classroom and library copies of the book Bearnard’s Book. The author, Deborah Underwood, will read her book to students in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade on Feb. 5. Parents will be able to pre-order books that will be signed by author. Stay tuned for more information. Order forms will be sent home with students.


CASTING CALL. Children in grades 3rd through 5th are invited to join The Payne Players theatrical ensemble. An introductory meeting will be 3:45 p.m. Jan. 24 in the Auditorium. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate.



Jan. 21-23: No school

Jan. 29: 6 p.m., PTSA meeting. Come learn about the school budgeting process and tell LSAT members what your priorities are for the coming school year.

Feb. 1: 9 a.m., Auditorium, Coffee with Principal: Learn about Second Grade

Feb. 2-19: Pennies For Patients Campaign. Click here for fundraiser details

Feb. 8: 9 a.m., Auditorium, Coffee with Principal: Learn about Third Grade

Feb. 15: 9 a.m., Auditorium, Coffee with Principal: Learn about Fourth Grade

March 1: 9 a.m.,  Auditorium, Coffee with Principal: Learn about Fifth Grade