LSAT Meeting Minutes – March 2023

Note: this meeting was held February 24th in order to meet DCPS budget submission deadlines.

Attendees: Principal Byrd, Mr. Smith, Ms. Aloi, Mr. Creef, Ms. Brown, Ms. Chapman

Draft Agenda

  1. Principal Byrd to review budget
  2. LSAT Q&A

Meeting Discussion Notes

Payne’s initial allocations and submitted budgets for both FY23 and FY24 are available on or through this direct link:

Principal Byrd walked the LSAT group through the initial allocation and her budget approach, petitions and requests to DCPS.

LSAT Advice

  • LSAT is generally aligned with the budget approach, petitions and requests
  • A few LSAT members emphasized the benefit of increasing Administrative Premium funding to support logistics for the Saturday Academy program