LSAT Meeting Minutes – December 2022

Payne LSAT Meeting

December 7, 2022

Attendees: Principal Byrd, Michelle Chapman, Rebecca Hunt, Josh Smith, Steve Bowen, Mr. Creef

Draft Agenda

  1. Enrollment Projection and Adjustment
  2. Before Care
  3. Title I Funding Questions
  4. Review of FY22-23 budget format and discussion of upcoming budgeting process
  5. Report out from DCPS public hearing

Meeting Discussion Notes

Enrollment Projections

LSAT groups across DCPS have been asked to comment on the DCPS enrollment projections.  Josh shared projections from DCPS for Payne and Principal Byrd’s requested adjustment to them. Two years ago, the enrollment was 324.  The projection for SY22-23 was 308.  The projection for SY23-24 is 316.

Principal Byrd’s only requested adjustment was the addition of 20 PK4 students, which she clarified is her request to the district for an additional class of PK4 students.  This enrollment adjustment is not guaranteed for next year but has been requested.  Principal Byrd stated the class is needed to alleviate the long waiting list.  The reason it had not been added previously was for lack of space in the building.  However, last year DCPS changed the feeder pattern for Behavior and Educational Support (BES) classes, leaving Payne with an available classroom.

Principal Byrd explained that while a PK4 classroom may be added, an additional Kindergarten class would not be added next year but could be considered in future years if the larger enrollment is maintained.

There was a question raised about whether Tyler Elementary converting to a full Spanish immersion program would impact Payne’s enrollment.  Principal Byrd believes that it will not, because the conversion will be phased in, starting next year only with PK3 and PK4.

Before Care

Michelle raised a concern she has heard from some other parents about the need for Before Care (i.e. child care before 8:15 AM).  Without Before Care some parents have needed to consider changing jobs or leaving Payne for another school that offers Before Care.

Based on Michelle’s research with Flex Academy, it seems that 9 students would be the minimum enrollment needed to begin a program.  Michelle offered to send Principal Byrd the information she had collected.

Principal Byrd agreed to review the information from Michelle and said that she would look into it.

LSAT Collective

Steve Bowen, former LSAT Chair, announced an organization he is volunteering with to bring together LSAT representatives from across the city to discuss best practices for running an LSAT.  He invited any current Payne LSAT members to attend the upcoming meetings.

Title 1 Funding

Josh raised several questions about Title 1 Funding, firstly when does a school know if they will receive Title 1 funds for the upcoming year.  Principal Byrd explained that the designation isn’t announced each year, and Title 1 funding is identified with the initial budget allocation, not separately.  We would have to ask schools which have lost this funding to know when they learned of the change.  It is not expected to happen at Payne within the next few years.

Last Year’s Payne Budget and the Upcoming Budget Process

The group reviewed Payne’s initial allocation and submitted budget from last year.  The initial allocation shows how flexible each set of funding is.  Both the LSAT Collective and DCPS will facilitate educational sessions about the budget in the upcoming months.  

Rebecca asked Principal Byrd what would be most helpful for her from the LSAT.  Principal Byrd mentioned that Payne has been fortunate.  She asked that LSAT members become familiar with the budget process and become familiar with Payne’s student diagnostic data which will determine how budgets are allocated to best meet student needs.  

DCPS Budget Feedback Session

Josh shared general impressions from the DCPS Budget Feedback Session.  Comments largely fell into two categories of people commenting on the poor state of their school buildings and people commenting on their dislike of the new budget formulas initiated last year.  Payne LSAT members Mr Bergfalk and Ms Brown also commented in the session.

The group discussion also raised attention to the Schools First in Budgeting Amendment Act of 2021 which could impact SY23-24 funding.  Reference:

Principal Byrd reminded the group of the upcoming parent meeting where she will discuss building a strong, equitable and inclusive community in the upcoming parent meeting.