LSAT Meeting Minutes – January 2023

Payne LSAT Meeting

January 4, 2023

Attendees: Josh Smith, Principal Byrd, Mr. Creef, Michelle Chapman, Rebecca Hunt

Draft Agenda

  1. Follow up on Before Care
  2. Discussion of recently approved “Schools First in Budgeting” bill (reference:
  3. Discussion of upcoming budgeting process

Meeting Discussion Notes

Follow Up on Before Care

Following up on the previous meeting’s discussion about offering Before Care at Payne, the group asked for an update and Principal Byrd stated that no action has been taken on this and it is not planned for the current year.  Michelle mentioned that the family who had been pressing for this has already left Payne for a school that could better meet their logistical needs.

Discussion of Schools First in Budgeting Bill

The group discussed the recent bill and noted its possible impact on the FY23-24 budget process.  Since this meeting, the bill has been enacted as A24-0785, is currently under Congressional review and is projected to become law on March 16, 2023.  If it become law, the DCPS budget process would follow a different process but Payne’s own budget would likely not be impacted specifically.  Those wanting to learn more should read the DC Committee Report linked here:

Discussion of Upcoming Budgeting Process

As in the previous meeting, the group discussed the upcoming budget process and asked Principal Byrd for her perspective on how funds should be allocated.  She shared a few points:

  • Funds will be budgeted toward the objectives in the Comprehensive School Plan
  • Priority will be given to staff over non-staff spending
  • Mid-year testing results will inform her perspective on what the school needs

Principal Byrd offered to share Payne’s mid-year testing results with the LSAT group at the next meeting so that the group can work from the same perspective as her on the school’s progress toward Comprehensive School Plan objectives.